Robert Pattinson DUMPS Kristen Stewart, this time for good?

Robert Pattinson has reportedly dumped Kristen Stewart for the second time.

Rob and Kristen reunited at the premiere of the final Twilight film. [Getty]

Apparently, Rob, 26, told Kristen, 22, he had decided to go his separate way before the Golden Globes where we saw him walk the red carpet on his own.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "She flew to LA and was supposed to be Rob's date for the Golden Globes, but he told her he wants to cool it off.

"He loves her but would rather go back to being good friends so they can rebuild their trust and focus on work after 'Twilight'."

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"Kristen's upset but understands. She shouldn't have pushed him to reconcile after her infidelity. She's hoping he'll come round and time will be a great healer."

*raises eyebrow*

And apparently, Rob's friends have been pushing him to chuck KStew for a while now.

"He was getting so much pressure to ditch her. His friends told him to focus on his career and said she was wrecking his chances."

We know who we would pick. Copyright: [rex/wenn]

Kristen famously cheated on him last year with married director and father of two, Rupert Sanders prompting one of the most shocking celeb stories of 2012.

The news comes just days after Rob took to the Golden Globes red carpet alone, with Kristen reportedly only joining him at the after party.

Kris reportedly turned up wearing trainers and wouldn't take her sunglasses off all night.

We can't imagine this did much to swing his decision but who knows, maybe RPatz is into scruffy, detective chic?

It's now believed Rob will stay in LA while Kristen will move to New York where she reckons she will have some 'peace'.

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