Rizzle Kicks and Emily Atack: Unlikely Celeb BFF Alert

We love it when celebs buddy up so were super pleased to see Emily Atack and on half of Rizzle Kicks larking about in the back of a rickshaw.

Emily and one half of Rizzle Kicks. Copyright: [twitter/ematack]

Hands up who hasn't ended up in one of those after a night out?!

Only ours is normally with a kebab rather than either or of Rizzle Kicks! Although we can confidently say we wouldn't kick either of them out…

Emily was out and about last night getting up to all sorts.

First she popped along to the Dark Knight Rises premiere (honestly, who wasn't there?!) before popping off for cocktails and then off to a swanky club.

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Sounds like a pretty perfect night out to us? Throw in Rizzle Kicks and you're definitely in for a winner.

We are guessing they had a pretty cool time and judging by the photos it would seem we guessed correct!

We also are thinking things might have got a little flirty between Ms Emily and Jordan from the duo after Emily's mate tweeted this picture of the Inbetweeners star perched on Jord's knee.

That's the tenth sexiest woman in the world y'know! Copyright: [twitter/LydBarnes]

Then we just wondered how much money millions of boys would pay to be in his place. After all this is the tenth most sexiest woman in the whole wide world. Well, according to FHM readers anyway…

Made us think though, who aren't those boys friends with? Well, apart from us... Sort it out, boys!

They have been spotted out and about with Caroline Flack, James Cordon starred in their video even Blur's Damon Albarn admits to being a fan.

If your not jel enough already, the also have been for drinks with Harry Styles and received tweets from Nas and CeeLo Green.

The pair even joked that they swapped numbers with flipping Beyonce at Hackney Weekend! Who next, Prince Harry?!

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Just how do they do it? Just goes to show, it's not just us, EVERYONE loves Rizzle Kicks!

Finally, whilst on the subject, here is reason number 7324 why we love Emily Atack.

FYI, reason 7323 was her suspected romantic link to another of Rizzle Kicks' mate's, Harry Styles, who, like we need to state the obvious, is the hottest thing on the planet.

Ok, so it's only a link — but it's more than we've got. The closest we've got to Harry is via the One Direction cupcakes we were sent.

No, reason number 7324 is that she loves a girly cocktail. Just check out this pic she retweeted last night. Looks like fun, invite us next time, yeah?

Definitely cocktail hour. Copyright: [twitter/@ematack]