Rita Ora wants to strip naked and dance with strangers, how very Rihanna of her

Since hitting the big time over the past 12 months, Rita Ora has been compared to Rihanna on more occasions than we care to count.

Rita wants to do a RiRi and strip off...but only if she was invisible. Copyright [Wenn/Instagram/Rihanna]

And now it seems that Rita has been harbouring another similar character trait to Rihanna, namely her love of stripping naked.

- albeit in a much more private sense than posting pictures of her naked self all over Instagram.

Talking to Scott Mills on the Official Top 40 Appcast, Rita Ora was asked what super power she would most like to possess.

Starting out innocent enough, Rita told Scott that it would be to have the power of invisibility.

She explained: “If I could have any kind of superpower, it would be the power to turn invisible and dance with people!”

“They wouldn't know who was dancing with them, but they would just feel me. So they'd be like: 'What's going on' that would be so funny if I went invisible and went and picked people at random in the clubs to dance with.”

“OR randomly stroked their hair, they'd freak out and think they had nits or something!"

Watch out clubbers, an invisible Rita Ora could be lurking... Copyright [Twitter/ Rita Ora]

However, when Scott asked what sort of super hero costume she would wear, the singer gave a rather cheeky response.

She said: "If I was invisible, no-one’s going to see it. You could wear anything... maybe NOTHING!"

Now this we would like to see.

That is of course would prove tricky seeing as Rita would be invisible…

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When asked if she would use her powers for good or evil, Rita Ora replied: "For good, not evil, maybe sometimes a bit cheeky, but not evil. Mischievous but never nasty."

Well you can’t get much more cheeky than stripping naked and dancing with unwitting night clubbers that’s for sure.

You can listen to the full interview with Rita Ora on the Official Top 40 Appcast here: http://soundcloud.com/officialtop40/the-official-top40-appcast-3


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