Rita Ora on Robert Kardashian: The only relationship I’m having is with the tour bus

Rita Ora has finally put an end to the Rob Kardashian relationship rumours but failing to confirm they're an item and instead says being on the road is taking all her energy.

rite ora glamourRita Ora claims she's single and is focused on touring. Copyright [Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour]

The R.I.P singer and Kim Kardashian's brother have been spied together many times although the pair have not admitted to being an item.

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The Kosovan star told Glamour US: "Rob's family make their lives public. Me? I'm very private. He's a great friend. But the only relationship I'm having now is with the tour bus."

So they're just friends then — she most certainly had us fooled we really thought it was the real deal (and we're secretly hoping it still is.)

rita ora kim kardashianRita Ora has been snapped having dinner with Robert Kardashian and his sister Kim. Copyright [WENN]

When asked if she was ready for fame and everything that comes with it including being hounded by the paps the star rather refreshingly said:

"I don't really care as long as my album is on your shelf and you're smiling."


This sunny attitude extends to her praise of music mentor Jay Z who she dubs is like a 'brother' but she heaps the most praise on his wife Beyonce.

rita oraRita Ora admirse Beyonce, yet omg! admire her too! Copyright [WENN]

Rita added: "Destiny's Child was my band. I was nearly choking when I met her [Beyonce], but she is the nicest. I call her an alien because I'm like, 'How do you do everything at once? You can't be human.'"

With her great personality, talent and cool looks we're not sure Rita is either.