Rita Ora: I only put Rylan Clark through the X Factor auditions because I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences- EXCLUSIVE

During her guest judge appearance during last year’s X Factor auditions, Rita Ora proved herself to be a firm favourite with audiences.

Rita admits she only put Rylan through because she wouldn't have to deal with him. [Wenn]

However, there was one contestant that Rita put through that at the time, raised a few eyebrows.

This contestant was of course the now infamous Rylan Clark.

Talking exclusively to omg! yesterday, Rita Ora admitted that she only put Rylan through because she knew she wouldn’t be around to judge him again.

She told us: “I let him through in the beginning because he had a lot of energy and enthusiasm on stage.

“I didn’t know where they [the judges] would take it. I knew that if I was a permanent judge I wouldn’t have let him through.

“But because I knew I was a guest judge and I wouldn’t have to deal with it- I was cheeky.”

So if you want someone to blame for the rise of Rylan Clark, Rita Ora is your woman.

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Rylan is of course now on Celebrity Big Brother and is the favourite to win the show.

Rita admitted that she thought Big Brother is better suited to Rylan than the X Factor.

She said: “I haven’t watched the show. To tell you the truth I think he’d be better on Big Brother than on the X Factor.”

Rita was also dubious as to what Rylan would be able to do as a career once he leave the Big Brother house.

She explained: “I don’t know what he could do. I have no idea. You never know though, these days you can find a job in anything. I think you can become famous with anything nowadays.”

Rita Ora doesn't know what Rylan can be famous for. Copyright [Wenn]

2012 was an incredible year for Rita Ora, scoring two solo number ones and a number one album.

Talking about her achievements, Rita admits that her proudest moment came when her album was finally released.

She said: “There are so many things that I was proud of last year. I think it was when my album came out and I put my tour out and it sold out in ten minutes.

“That was basically the one for me though when I couldn’t believe that my album was out and it went to number one.”

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