Rita Ora: Mum is embarrassing around Jay-Z and Beyonce

She may be the coolest woman in pop right now but this doesn't excuse Rita Ora from being embarrassed by her Mum.

Rita Ora's Mum couldn't help embarrassing the singer in front of Beyone and Jay Z. [Copyright Rex]

The 'RIP' singer told The Mirror of her embarrassment when she introduced her Mother to her boss Jay-Z and wife Beyonce.

She said: "My Mum is so embarrassing around Jay-Z and Beyonce."

"She starts talking about when I was a baby and my nappy rashes!"

Just thank your lucky stars she didn't bring along baby photos Rita!

Rita's embarrassment however doesn't stop at stories of her childhood.

Rita's Mum charmed Jay-Z by calling Beyonce 'the baddest b****'. [Copyright Rex]

It seems that Jay-Z is more interested in hanging out with Rita's Mum rather than his pop protégé.

She explained: "When they first met, my Mum said to Jay, 'Are you the one who sang you've got 99 problems and a b**** aint one?'"

"He said, 'yeah', and my Mum goes, 'You've got the baddest b****', and points at Beyonce.  After that it was, 'See ya later Rita' and it was all about my Mum and Jay."


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She may not be the apple of Jay-Z's eye but at least Rita can take solace in the success of her guest judging stint on 'The X Factor' last night.

The 'How we Do' hit maker was trending on Twitter last night with fans praising her judging skills with many insisting she should become a permanent fixture on the panel.