Rita Ora: I don’t take any notice of press regarding my personal life- EXCLUSIVE

If there is one thing you can say about Rita Ora, aside from being incredibly talented, it’s that she has always managed to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life.

Rita ignores press regarding her personal life. Copyright [Wenn]

Since rising to fame last year, the press have become more and more interested in what is going on in her life may it be who she’s dating or who she’s been hanging out with.

Talking exclusively to omg! Rita Ora, 22, admitted that she doesn’t take notice of what is being written about her in the press, instead focusing on her music.

She told us: “What’s funny is that I haven’t commented on anything so I feel like it shows enough that I haven’t really commented.

“I don’t really look at any of that. There is a lot going on, I’m doing my new album, so I tend to not take any notice and I’m surrounded by such great people who don’t really take much notice either.

“To me I don’t really know what is going on!”

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Well it’s probably a good thing that Rita has no idea what is going on.

Last year, Rita’s ex Rob Kardashian went on a huge Twitter rant following their break up, claiming that the singer had cheated on him with over twenty other men.

Taking an adult approach to the situation, Rita kept a dignified silence over the claims leading to Rob deleting the aforementioned tweets.

Rita Ora clearly looks after herself. Copyright [Twitter/Rita Ora]

Over the Christmas period, Rita Ora shared some snaps of herself relaxing in a bikini while holidaying in Dubai.

Clearly someone who looks after herself, Rita admits that she exercises in moderation rather than putting herself through arduous gym work outs.

She explained: “I just don’t take my regime very seriously but I keep it under control.

“If I have a big meal I make sure that I work out or run for 15 minutes.

“I try to keep a balance. It’s not a lot of work, it’s not like I’m brutal with it.”

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