Rihanna wears a sleeping bag and cannabis leaves dress. We’ve seen it all now.

It seems that for Rihanna, tweeting photos of cannabis isn't enough. She's now taken to wearing cannabis inspired clothes. Tut tut.

RihannaRihanna was snapped leaving a recording studio in a dress covered with cannabis leaves. Copyright [Splash]Rihanna was snapped leaving a recording studio wearing what looked like a massive camouflage sleeping bag thrown over the top of a dress covered in cannabis leaves.

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We're a bit lost for words but at least she's not naked - which makes a change.

However, as if the cannabis leaves dress wasn't enough - she was also hanging out with Chris Brown inside the studio.

RihannaRihanna was keen to go unnoticed by the paps. Copyright [Splash]Both of them were snapped leaving the studio, albeit separately, but we don't think it was just a coincidence that Chris Brown was there.

Rihanna slipped out of the door quickly, shielding her face from the cameras and a few moments later Chris emerged.

We're not very impressed by any of this.

Chris BrownChris Brown was snapped leaving the same studio just after Rihanna. Copyright [Splash]However, we're not surprised that she and Chris are hanging out even when they're working. Earlier this week Rihanna unveiled the official single artwork for her new song, Stay.

The cover shows Rihanna nuzzling into Chris Brown's neck and was enough to make us want to smash our heads against our keyboards in frustration.

In more positive news, Rihanna also announced yesterday that she'd be debuting her collection for River Island at London Fashion Week.

Let's hope the collection doesn't feature one of those dresses. We can safely say we won't be buying one.