Rihanna in wearing something other than underwear shocker

We've got pretty used to seeing Rihanna in her underwear recently.

RihannaRihanna wore a dress last night. That's right. An actual dress. Copyright [Splash]In fact, we can't really remember the last time Rihanna was pictured wearing something other than stockings and suspenders. That is, if she even bothered with those at all. She's also got a current penchant for topless Twitpics but that's another matter.

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So when Rihanna stepped out at the GQ Awards last night, we were pretty shocked to see the singer wearing a dress.

RihannaRihanna looked amazing in her understated outfit. Copyright [Rex]That's right. Not a stocking or suspender belt or boob in sight.

In fact, Rihanna's look was so understated we were taken by complete surprise.

She rocked up to the red carpet in a simple red vest dress, red shoes and a slick of red lipstick.

RihannaRihanna even kept her clothes on for this Twitpic. Copyright [Rihanna]We loved her hair which she wore down and swept to the side.

Ri Ri even kept her clothes on as she posted a Twitpic before the event, which is a blimmin miracle too.

Rihanna took to Twitter to post a picture of herself wearing patterned trousers, covering her face with her Chanel handbag.

RihannaWe've become used to photos like this from Rihanna. Copyright [Rihanna]She tweeted it alongside the caption: "Miss you!"

We're hoping it's not directed at her definitely-not-boyfriend Chris Brown. But the fact she's not in her undies is progress at least.