Rihanna tweets photo of cannabis, we tut/sigh/despair

OK Rihanna, we get it. We know that you want to be seen as a bad girl, and we know you like getting naked on Twitter, and we know that you have questionable taste in boyfriends. You don't need to go this far to prove it.

RihannaRihanna tweeted this photo of cannabis. Copyright [Rihanna]Not content with tweeting endless photos of herself smoking, Rihanna has now posted an image of a cannabis bud.

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We're tutting, shaking our heads and sighing with despair all at once.

RihannaSome of Rihanna's fans have reacted angrily to this latest photo. Copyright [Rihanna]She tweeted the image alongside the caption: "This nug look like a skull or am I just....?"

The photo follows an array of snaps showing Rihanna smoking suspicious looking cigarettes, as well as a tweet on Boxing Day which read: "I'm up and all I wanna do is smoke! Is it too early? *tiptoes quietly to stashbox to avoid judgement*"

RihannaRihanna also tweeted this photo of herself over the festive season. Copyright [Rihanna]Whilst many of her fans have liked her photo of cannabis, some have tweeted angrily that she's setting a bad example.

One said: "I dont understand what she tryin to prove through pics of drug everyday." [sic]

Another agreed, tweeting: "Wow wat a good influence you are on young girls....not!" [sic]

RihannaOh and this one... Copyright [Rihanna]These shocking pictures follow Rihanna's equally as shocking on/off relationship with Chris Brown.

Despite the pair seemingly breaking up just before Christmas, they seemed to be back on track by Christmas Eve and spent New Year's Eve together.

We repeat, we despair.

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