Rihanna turns up to Unapologetic album launch in leather PJs and nightcap

Rihanna is known for her interesting take on fashion trends, but this is taking things to a whole new extreme.

RihannaRihanna donned what looked like leather PJs and a nightcap for her album launch. Copyright [WENN]

Rihanna rocked up to the launch of her album, Unapologetic, last night dressed in what looked like leather PJs and a nightcap.

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We're not quite sure whether Rihanna actually wore these to bed and just couldn't be bothered to get changed for the launch of Unapologetic, or whether she just got dressed in the dark.

Either way, the look has definitely divided team omg.

Rihanna can be forgiven for this fashion choice, however, because we expect she was probably pretty knackered when she got ready.

RihannaRihanna's ensemble has divided us. Copyright [WENN]The singer finished her 777 tour last night just before the launch, and the tour had consisted of 7 gigs in 7 countries in 7 days.

That by anyone's standards is pretty exhausting. In fact, Rihanna even announced at the album launch that she just 'needed to sleep'.

We don't really blame her - jetting all over Europe for shows, turning on the Westfield shopping centre lights, before legging it across to New York and strutting your stuff on stage every night for a week is pretty impressive stuff.

And to be frank, just looking at her life makes us want to put our onesie on, make a hot chocolate and have an early night.