Rihanna straddles and snogs Chris Brown in Twitter photo. Still just friends though, right?

We're beginning to get seriously annoyed with this Rihanna and Chris Brown lark.

Rihanna Chris Brown.Rihanna has tweeted this photo of her and Chris Brown. Copyright [Rihanna]Every day there seems to be another not-so-crytpic Twitter photo with Rihanna and Chris Brown hinting that they're back together, but still claiming they're not.

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In fact, we're beginning to want to bash our heads against our keyboards every time we see one of these new Twitpics, because a) we despair that Rihanna's even friends with Chris Brown let alone going out with him and b) we're a bit tired of the denials that they're not back together.

Rihanna's latest Twitpic shows her in very skimpy shorts, straddling Chris Brown, holding his head and kissing him.

Rihanna/Chris Brown matching watchesThe Twitpic comes after the pair tweeted matching watches. Copyright [Rihanna/Chris Brown]Yeah, we do this to our male friends ALL the time. It's totally normal.

She tweeted the intimate snap alongside the caption: "I dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

The caption was in reference to a show that Chris Brown performed in Germany. Rihanna appeared to have joined him as he made the journey to Europe and tweeted the photo at 5am after the gig.

Rihanna either tweets Chris Brown related things, or herself in her underwear. Coyright [Rihanna]Again, it's totally normal to follow your best mate across the globe.

The Twitpic comes just a day after the pair both tweeted photos of their his and her watches.

Again, totally normal. *rolls eyes*