Rihanna dumped for being too sexy, proves point with bikini photos

Rihanna in a bikini is super sexy and for some it might just be a little too sexy.

Nivea reckons Rihanna is too sexy for their brand. Copyright: [twitter/rihanna]

Skincare brand Nivea has dropped Riri declaring she is just too sexy and no longer fits in with the brands identity.

However, we would have thought she would be perfect for a skincare brand considering how much of it she loves to get out.

Not that we are complaining — any excuse to gawp at her in a bikini and we're well involved.

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Despite this, Nivea do not agree with the head of the company saying:

"The advert starring Rihanna was a no-go. I do not understand how Nivea can be brought into association with Rihanna."

He then added: ""Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.'' Implying that the singer does not sit with these brand values.

Well, how very rude!

However, Rihanna has sent her own response to Nivea, posting a series of dare we say it 'too sexy' snaps on Twitter.

Yes, we are jealous. Copyright: [Twitter/rihanna]

The first she accompanied with the caption: 'You're jealous'.

Well, yes we are actually. Firstly, she has been on holiday for what seems like forever and secondly she looks like that.

Rihanna, can we be your BFF? Copyright: [Twitter/rihanna]

The star then posted a second pic of her and her mate larking about looking super hot with the message: "My bad-nasty BFF".

What? We wanted to be her BFF! #nofair