Rihanna spends Thanksgiving with Chris Brown, we start to worry about her

Rihanna spent Thanksgiving with Chris Brown, jetting off to see him the second her 777 tour ended.

Rihanna's Dad reckons Chris could be the one, we think otherwise. Copyright: [wenn]

So it would seem pretty certain that things are very much back ON, despite Rihanna denying she was his girlfriend in a recent interview.

Pretty much the minute Rihanna finished her own tour she was straight on the plane to see her 'lover'.

No, we haven't just turned into Austin Powers - that is how Riri cryptically referred to Chris as on Twitter where she wrote: "All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover!"


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Rihanna tweeted the day after: "#Berlin #CarpeDiem," in reference to Chris' show in Germany which she was also spotted at.

The pair were later spotted leaving a Thanksgiving party and hopping into the same car.

It seems Rihanna just can't get over her ex, after admitting to Oprah in August: "It's awkward because I still love him."

Yes and it's also awkward because Chris was convicted of assault after punching her in the face back in 2010.

Rihanna performing in London last night. Copyright:[wenn]

We have to admit, we are a little bit worried about Riri of late.

The full details of her 777 tour are coming out today and it really does sound like a disaster.

Journalists across the globe are jumping to attack Rihanna for her lateness, failure to talk to them are describing it as the 'biggest mistake in pop history'.

That added to picture of her playing with suspicious looking substances and smoking er, special cigarettes, we really hope she is OK.