Rihanna shares post-bottling attack poolside photos, shows off skinny stomach

Rihanna had a horrendous ordeal over the weekend after a crazed fan chucked a bottle at her as she left a nightclub. Rihanna was left with a bloodied knee and was shaken up by the incident.

Rihanna showed off her skinny stomach after the bottling attack. Copyright [Rihanna]However, following the bottle attack, Rihanna has taken some time out on holiday by the pool and has tweeted photos of herself relaxing.

Rihanna posted the photos which show her wearing minimal makeup, a long skirt and crop top teamed with a baseball cap.

Rihanna is away for her birthday. Copyright [Rihanna]Rihanna has been looking very slender recently, and the crop top flashed her skinny stomach.

We know that she's been working hard, but we think she should treat herself to some poolside snacks and a few cocktails.

Rihanna tweeted this photo ahead of her birthday celebrations. Copyright [RIHANNA]She tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "I know you want my cropped knot tank #RIHforRiverIsland."

Rihanna debuted her fashion range for River Island at London Fashion Week over the weekend. It was at the after party that the bottling attack occurred.

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However, Rihanna's putting the whole thing behind her with this girly get-away. RiRi and her pals are actually all away for her birthday.

The singer turns 25 tomorrow and looks set to be partying the night away.

Let's hope that Chris Brown WON'T be on the guest list.