Rihanna and Rita Ora rock furry hooded coats, who wore it best?

Rita Ora has long been referred to as the UK's answer to Rihanna.

Rihanna and Rita OraRihanna and Rita Ora have both been rocking fur hoods. Copyright [Splash/Rex]However, now Rita Ora is even dressing like Rihanna too, we're finding it hard to tell the difference.

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Both Rita Ora and Rihanna have been snapped in their best winter woolies, donning hooded coats for their chilly outings.

Both singers opted to wear green coats with cute fur hoods - and both look so cute and cosy that we now want our own version.

Rita OraRita Ora just wore a pair of boots and a jumper with her furry coat. Copyright [Splash]Rihanna was dressed casually as she left Berlin during her 777 tour. She teamed her fur coat with leggings, trainers and an oversized jumper. Blimey, someone's out of sorts - no flesh on display?!

Rita Ora made up for Rihanna's tame outfit by teaming her fur-hooded coat with just an oversized jumper and a pair of thigh-high boots.

We don't think it's the most practical of outfits for November - and nor are the sunglasses - but Rita's legs manage to pull this look off.

RihannaRihanna looked cute in her furry coat too. Copyright [Splash]And let's face it, she was heading to a party hosted by P Diddy. If ever there was a need to dress to impress, it'd be a party with a bunch of A List stars attending.

Rihanna's slightly tamer look is probably down to the fact that she's blimmin knackered from her 777 tour.

The tour sees Ri Ri performing seven concerts in seven countries in seven days.

Not like she's making hard work for herself, then.