Rihanna and Rita Ora avoid each other at LFF, Cara Delevingne does all the running in between

Poor Cara Delevingne did quite a bit of running around this weekend, thanks to Rita Ora and Rihanna's unspoken feud.

Cara Delevingne partied with Rihanna for most of the evening before slipping away and spending the rest of the …

The model spent her Saturday night partying with Rihanna following her LFW River Island show, but was unable to bring pal Rita Ora thanks to the pair's ongoing row.

Rita instead attended a separate show before heading to the Groucho Club, while Cara was just a few yards away at Soho's Box nightclub with Rihanna, making a swift exit and heading over to Rita's house later in the evening.

Not wanting to leave her best friend out of the loop, Cara was forced to leave the afterparty early, jumping into a cab and heading to Rita's.

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna didn't spend long at Rihanna's LFW afterparty. Copyright [Splash]

And Rita certainly didn't look ecstatic to see her, opening the door with a face like thunder and allowing Cara to slip inside quickly.

But the pair apparently made up later, with Rita tweeting a snap of them partying into the early hours and adding: "Nothin matters when you wit the people you love.....#crewdem"

Rita then sent out another cryptic tweet this morning, adding: "I Love YOU but can we both love at the same time? Mouses can."

Rita Ora didn't look too pleased with Cara Delevingne as she showed up following a night partying with Rita's rival, …

Rita Ora clearly forgave Cara Delevingne for hanging out with Rihanna, tweeting this snap of the pair and adding, …
Rihanna and Rita were careful to avoid each other during the weekend's LFW shows, following a year-long feud over Rita 'copying' Rihanna's look, while Cara and Rihanna have been pals for months.

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A source previously claimed: "When Rita started her career, Rihanna thought it was cute that she was copying her look.

"But now she’s getting p***ed off, especially as Rita is getting a following by using her old tricks."

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