Rihanna resorts to bar tending as yacht staff are overworked (but breaks toe doing so)

You've got to hand it to Rihanna, when her staff are (reportedly) overworked she's happy to chip in and help with the chores aboard her yacht, although she didn't really think about the hazards involved when doing some heavy lifting.

rihannaRihanna broke a toe while pouring her own drinks. Copyright [Instagram/Twitter]

Ok, so said heavy lifting was actually a bottle of booze and the 'work' she did was pouring drinks for her friends but at least she knows hot to make the party happen.

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Rihanna broke her toe while paying bartender aboard her yacht that's currently cruising around the Mediterranean.

rihannaRihanna is currently living it up in St Tropez. Copyright [WENN]

She dropped a bottle on her foot and showed off her assistant, Jennifer Rosales photo of her bandaged foot and confirmed events tweeting: "Bartending lastnight, dropped a bottle, broke it, my foot is still bleeding!!! [sic]"

Reports emerged last week that Rihanna's excessive partying was leaving her staff exhausted as they worked into the early hours and then a full day meeting the needs of the star and her guests.

rihannaRihanna has apparently exhausted staff on her yacht. Copyright [WENN]

It was also suggested that RiRi's staff have to be extra vigilant at night time to ensure there isn't a case of celebrity or celebrity guest overboard.

The Bajan beauty has welcomed Drake to her boat and she reportedly enjoyed a secret liaison with Chris Brown this week who also hired his own yacht.

Although we hope he takes better health and safety precautions than RiRi!