Rihanna looks moody, is rumoured Chris Brown split to blame?

After Rihanna's Twitter meltdown a few days ago, it seemed that her newly rekindled relationship with Chris Brown had already turned sour.

RihannaRihanna looked a bit moody as she arrived back in LA. Copyright [Splash]In fact, judging by her sweary tweets, it seemed that Rihanna and Chris Brown had split up. And when she arrived back in LA yesterday, Rihanna looked less than happy.

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Rihanna made her way through the airport looking seriously moody - and at one point a bit angry.

We reckon all the drama with Chris Brown has finally got too much for the gorgeous singer.

RihannaRihanna is rumoured to have split from Chris Brown. Copyright [Splash]And we're hardly surprised - we're beginning to feel a bit drained by it all and we're not even IN the relationship.

Rihanna was uncharacteristically dressed down, wearing a pair of grey jogging bottoms, boots, baggy jumper and glasses.

There was hardly any flesh in sight - which is when we know something's up with Ri Ri.

Rihanna and Chris BrownRihanna and Chris Brown had been spending a lot of time together recently. Copyright [Chris Brown]Rihanna and Chris Brown appeared to have split a few days ago after photos of him clubbing with his ex girlfriend appeared.

Rihanna went on an expletive-ridden Twitter tirade, saying: "Examine what you tolerate. You give, you get, then you give it the f**k back. Goodbye muthaf**ker."

She then went on to delete the tweets, but clearly all is not well.

We hope Rihanna is back to smiling soon, but NOT because she's got back together with him.


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