Rihanna keeps fans waiting for hours… so she can buy sex toys and underwear

Rihanna kept fans waiting for hours on her 777 tour… so that she could pop off and stock up on sex toys and saucy underwear.

Rihanna performed in seven cities in seven nights. Copyright: [rex]

Riri was spotted visiting rude shops in three out of the seven cities she visited on the tour.

First Rihanna was spotted in Stockholm's Pom Pom club, followed in Paris by Chantal Thomass and La Perla.

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And before flying on to our very own fine capital London, she visited a Berlin store in the early hours.

A source told The Sun: "Even with 150 guests in tow, she doesn't care about flaunting that side of her life."

Rihanna performing in London on the tour. Copyright:[wenn]

"She bought all sorts — lingerie, some of it very kinky, plus a range of other bits."

Fans and journos were invited along as 'guests' to follow Rihanna as she performed in seven cities in seven nights.

Just to note, it's over now and Rihanna did it.. just about.

During the tour Rihanna managed to notch up $200,000 in late fines after regularly not turning up for flights and shows on time.

We just hope her er, sprees were worth it!

This got us wondering what exactly the star bought? We dread to think, this is afterall the lady that wore thigh high leather boots to the supermarket…