Rihanna and Kate Moss get topless and naked, sit on each other's laps and hint at lesbian shenanigans - all in the name of V Magazine

Rihanna and Kate Moss hanging out in the same room is dangerous enough; but to put Ri and Kate together, naked, in the same room AND alongside a camera-wielding Mario Testino is simply careless.

Rihanna didn't mind getting naked, or having Kate Moss half-naked on her lap. Copyright [Mario Testino for V M …

The trio have teamed up for this steamy S&M-style shoot for V Magazine's 'Dynamic Duos' issue.

Posing completely naked - and occasionally topless or in see-through lingerie sets - Rihanna and Kate look totally in their comfort zones as they writhe around on top of each other.

According to the mag, the girls first met at the Met Gala in 2009, when Kate approached Ri to get a picture for her daughter, Lila.

Rihanna and Kate Moss' naked photoshoot was shot by Mario Testino for V Magazine - there's a surprise. Copyright …

Rihanna even hinted at some sort of lesbian soiree having to happen if she poses naked with Kate Moss again. Copyright …

Rihanna admitted that she was completely starstruck by Kate, adding: "I didn’t know she had a child, and she still looks like this? So there is still hope for people who want babies and still want to be sexy."

The pair then met again last year as Rihanna was chatting to renowned photographer Mario Testino about shooting together.

Kate apparently overheard them and jumped right on the band wagon, telling Rihanna: "I want to do it with you!"

Rihanna admitted: "Again, I was like, Are you f**cking kidding me? …I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true: Mario, V, Kate Moss...."

Kate Moss got completely naked and sat Rihanna on her lap for her version of the cover. Copyright [Mario Testino …

The girls apparently had a great time on the shoot, with Kate coining the whole day "hilarious" (she doesn't say much, does she?) and Rihanna revealing that they didn't get naked until the very end - standard Testino, we say.

She said: "She [Kate] is just an awesome, cool little rockstar. [The naked picture] was the best shot … [I said] 'Take her top off and put that b*tch on my lap!'"

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And as the queen of all things sex, Rihanna couldn't let the interview end without adding a lesbian hint in there.

She told them: "[I'd shoot with Kate again] in a heartbeat. But that depends on the terms... but I’m sure Kate knows them."

If you get her drift... *wink wink nudge nudge*

Well, that was liberating. It IS titillating Friday, after all.

Kate Moss and Rihanna, shot by Mario Testino, grace two covers for V Magazine’s 'Dynamic Duos' issue, on sale from February 28th

Rihanna and Kate Moss get topless togetherRihanna and Kate Moss strip topless for V Magazine, shot by Mario Testino. Check out this behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.