Rihanna hand in hand with Chris Brown on her birthday, flashes her bum *bashes head against desk*

Rihanna and Chris Brown were rumoured to have split after the Grammys following her texting her ex, and when he was absent for her birthday celebrations, we were punching the air with glee.

Rihanna and Chris Brown were walking along the beach holding hands. Copyright [Splash]However, now we've seen photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown walking hand in hand on the beach on her birthday and we're bashing our head repeatedly against the desk in frustration.

Not only did Chris Brown and Rihanna look like a normal loved up couple, but she decided to wear a bum flashing fishnet skirt and smoke a suspicious looking cigarette too.

Rihanna decided to flash her bum too. Copyright [Splash]We despair.

Rihanna was dressed in a red bikini, black crop top and black fishnet skirt which flashed her bum.

Rihanna was also smoking her suspicious looking cigarettes. Copyright [Splash]She held Chris Brown's hand as they walked along the beach, before they sat down on the sand, laughing as Rihanna put her arm affectionately around Chris' neck.

Rihanna and Chris Brown sat down for a chat. Copyright [SPlash]Following their romantic (vom) beach stroll, Rihanna tweeted a snap of the pair in the back of a car, with her perched on his knee.

Rihanna and Chris Brown looked close. Copyright [Splash]She tweeted it alongside the caption: "Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior"

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Rihanna was celebrating her 25th birthday, and seemed to be spending it with friends, tweeting snaps of herself in a sexy bikini, following the rumours of a split from Chris Brown.

Rihanna went on to tweet this photo of her and Chris. Copyright [Rihanna]However, from looking at these pictures, it seems the split was short lived.