Rihanna Goes Fully Topless For Raunchiest Magazine Cover Yet

She's literally left nothing to the imagination *blushface*

Her recent Vogue Brazil shoot left little to the imagination.

Rihanna poses fully topless for Lui Magazine. *Blushface* Copyright [LUI]

But Rihanna's latest magazine cover leaves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as she goes fully topless in her raunchiest picture yet. *Blushface*

Proving that she really has no qualms about stripping off, the 26-year-old poses with nothing on apart from a tiny red thong... and we *really* don't know where to look.

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Released just one day after the pop superstar posted a series of saucy images to her Instagram page, the Lui Magazine cover has left the world with their jaws firmly on the flaw.

Going one step further than her usual racy snaps, Rhianna embraces the full-on nudity, with nothing to protect her modesty. *AVERTS EYES*.

Rihanna posed topless for her raunchiest ever photo shoot. Ooh-err. Copyright [LUI]Rhianna admitted that tan lines were the only rule for the French mag shoot. Copyright [LUI]

Clearly out to sell as many copies as possible (which we think will defs work), the French magazine has unashamedly put the star's topless shot (nips and all) on the COVER rather than inside. Ooh-er.

In true Ri-Ri style, the Rude Girl singer sits on a blue chair with her legs crossed and her arms folded just above her chest... WITH EVERYTHING ON DISPLAY.

Inside the mag there are yet more topless pics - one with a hand behind her head, showing off her tan lines.

Rhianna posed in some VERY provocative positions. Copyright [Lui magazine/Instagram] She posed topless in another shoot last week. Copyright: [Vogue Brazil]

Clearly *very* proud of the snaps, Ri posted them on her Instargam page just minutes after they hit the internet.

She captioned one of the: "LUI. there was 1 rule to this shoot...TAN LINES!!!! Thank you."

We honestly thought that things couldn't get any raunchier than the snaps she posted the day before, where she preserves her modesty with her own hands.

We were wrong.

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Thu, Oct 2, 2014 14:00 BST