Rihanna goes out in dressing gown and Egyptian makeup. Obvs.

Rihanna never fails to make a style statement, regardless of the ensemble she's chosen.

Rihanna, Egyptian makeupRihanna in New York today. Copyright [Rex]However, today Rihanna has really outdone herself by leaving her New York hotel in a dressing gown, head-dress and full face of Egyptian makeup.

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After Rihanna stepped out in a jumper which revealed her boobs just a few months ago, we've learned not to be shocked by her fashion choices.

Rihanna, Egyptian makeupRihanna wore a full face of Egyptian makeup. Copyright [Rex]However, the combination of Rihanna's Egyptian makeup, hotel dressing gown and leopard print boots is truly a sight to behold - especially when there appears to be no explanation for the get up.

RiRi has had a tough few weeks. Last Wednesday the star tweeted a photo of her arm linked up to a drip as it was reported that she'd been hosptialised due to dehydration and exhaustion.

Rihanna, Egyptian makeupRihanna's fashion choices always tend to shock. Copyright [Rex]Just two days later, the star was back in the public eye, strutting the red carpet at the latest premiere of Battleship.

Rihanna is also gearing up for the release of her new single, Where Have You Been.

Rihanna, Egyptian makeupRiRi teamed the look with a dressing gown and boots. Copyright [Rex]The video for the song features an Egyptian inspired section which perhaps accounts for the makeup today.

Either that or RiRi was feeling extra creative as she put her face on this morning.