Rihanna goes clubbing in sunglasses, so celeb

Celebs often wear sunglasses at the most random of times. Like indoors and at the airport. However, wearing them for a night out is a whole other matter.

RihannaRihanna went clubbing in her sunglasses. Copyright [Splash]Last night Rihanna was snapped wearing sunglasses as she went clubbing.

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It seemed a little odd to us. Surely the combination of a dark club, shades and alcohol would equal a broken ankle or two?!

However, Rihanna can be forgiven for her weird clubbing shades, because they are Chanel.

And they're so chic and so cool that we reckon Ri Ri is about the only person who could truly pull them off.

RihannaRihanna's sunglasses were super-stylish. Copyright [Splash]The rest of Rihanna's ensemble was relatively tame - after all, we have been treated to photos of the singer in her underwear AND topless recently.

Rihanna wore leather trousers, black heels and a black coat - perhaps letting the focus of her outfit be the amazing sunglasses.

Rihanna did, however, make our week by confirming during a live web chat that she is NOT back together with Chris Brown.

*does a little dance*

She said: "No. [We're] not together. He's dope too. He's kinda alright."

Hardly the words of someone super loved-up. However, we still think those adjectives are far too flattering.