Rihanna gets totally NAKED for Stay music video, why are we not surprised?

Rihanna has got naked (and in a bath) in her new music video for Stay.

Rihanna having a totes emosh laze in the bath. Copyright: [Vimeo]

Well, this is Rihanna of course so what else did you expect? We reckon (know) the star spends more time out of clothes than in them.

We reckon next time she should wear a onesie and some bed socks, now that WOULD be shocking!

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If you don't believe us, then may we politely suggest you start following her on Instagram to see what we mean.

The video is for the beautiful Stay and features Rihanna butt naked lazing about in a bath.

In Rihanna land, baths are (predictably) very sexy indeed, not a pruney foot in sight.

Not a pruney foot in sight. Copyright: [Vimeo]

Riri has a right old emosh time in the bath and the end result is a very moody stripped back (quite literally) music vid for your viewing pleasure.

"This video is everything!"' Rihanna wrote on her Twitter on Monday. "Simple but emotional!"

And it would seem that Adam Lambert is also muscling in on the act and has already recorded a cover of the track.

The American Idol star posted the 30-second video on his Twitter feed, and hinted that he was rehearsing the song for live performances.

He posted: "I Love this song "STAY" with the link.

When quizzed by fans, he admitted: "it was a preview! It was rehearsal. More to come!"

And we can't wait to hear the end result, and if Adam feels the need to get naked in a bath too, then so be it.

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