Rihanna gets her legs and stomach out, girl crush overload

Is it just us or is Rihanna looking hotter than ever at the moment? Not content with her super-sexy appearance in the Where Have You Been video, Rihanna is now matching the hotness in her live performances of the song, too.

Rihanna, American IdolRihanna looked hotter than ever for her American Idol performance. Copyright [Rex]

Rihanna took to the stage on American Idol to perform Where Have You Been, and we're girl crushing to an epic degree over her legs/stomach/general fitness.

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Rihanna donned an amazing outfit for the performance, dressed in a black bralet and hotpants with a long front panel.

The outfit perfectly complimented Rihanna's perfect figure - we have serious stomach and leg envy right now.

Rihanna, American Idol, Where Have You BeenRihanna was performing Where Have You Been. Copyright [Rex]She was also rocking a new hair trend, too. Having experimented in the past with black, brown, red and blonde hair, Rihanna is now trying out dreadlocks.

She tweeted a picture of the new look along with the caption: "'Wake bake shake dem dreads." [sic] Right.

Rihanna, Where Have You Been, American IdolRihanna looked hot. The bloke behind her isn't bad either. Copyright [Rex]It seems that RiRi is back on track following her recent stint in hospital.

After jetting all over the world promoting her movie, Battleship, partying at Coachella and shooting the video for Where Have You Been, Rihanna was understandably exhausted.

Rihanna, dreadlocks, TwitterRihanna showed off her dreadlocks on Twitter. Copyright [Rihanna/Twitter]She was hospitalised for exhaustion and dehydration, but just days later was back out on the red carpet again.

What a trooper. Now, we're going to get back to drooling over these gorgeous pictures.