Rihanna finally pretty much confesses she is back with Chris Brown, we despair

Rihanna has given us yet another reason to believe that she is definitely back with Chris Brown without actually saying it out loud.

Rihanna got topless (again) to talk about love and stuff. Copyright: [GQ]

Rihanna got topless (again) this time for GQ to tell the mag all sorts about love and relationship etc.

"I like to feel like a woman," the 24-year-old explained which is always handy when you are one.

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"I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead."

Hmm, sounds pretty much like she is definitely in a relationship then.
Almost definitely back on then. Copyright: [wenn]

Rihanna added: "I could absolutely be dominant, but in general, I'd rather... How do I say this in, like, a non-X rated version?"

"Love makes you go places you probably wouldn't ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits."

We are definitely adding these quotes to our portfolio of evidence.

These quotes come after Rihanna spent Thansgiving with Chris before tweeting a picture of him topless on her London hotel bed.

Rihanna split from Chris in 2009 after he hit, choked and bit her during an argument in Los Angeles.

He later pleaded guilty to assault.

Quite honestly, we despair.