Rihanna files restraining order against fan who tried to SLEEP. IN. HER. BED! CREEPY

Rihanna has been forced to take a restraining order out against a 'fan' who tried to break in her house and sleep in her bed.

Rihanna has been forced to file a restraining order. Copyright: [getty]

The so-called fan was so obsessed with Riri that he planned to break into her house and climb in her bed!


In the end, the 36 year old ended up going into Rihanna's neighbours house by accident when he was caught.

Police say that he had been in one of the beds which he believed to be Rihanna's, stolen personal items from the house and told officers he had been 'invited round'.

Like we said before, VERY creepy!

Rihanna has filed a restraining order against a crazy fan. Copyright: [getty]

A court has since ruled that the man is now banned from being within 100m of Rihanna, where she works or her belongings.

However, according to the singer's lawyer, the man has since been released from custody and is nowhere to be found.

Basically, he could be anywhere.

Fingers crossed he is in his own bed this time.

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