Rihanna EXCLUSIVE: I want to be more vulnerable

Rihanna isn't the shy and retiring type, her scantily clad performances and more risqué Twitter photos prove that, but the softer side of the star is now something she's keen to show off.

rihannaRihanna wants to show off her softer side. Copyright [Twitter/Rihanna]

While promoting her debut movie, Battleship the singer-come-actress told us she'd like to take on a less feisty and instead more fun role.

Rihanna said: "I want to do comedy, maybe a romantic comedy. I want to try and be more vulnerable on screen, but I want to try lots of different things. I don't want to stick to one type of role."

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RiRi in a rom com? We can't wait to see that!

Despite her success playing military madam, Raikes in Battleship, Rihanna won't be taking any of her gun-firing character's traits into her day job.

rihannaRihanna wants to do a rom com next. Copyright [WENN]

She'd prefer to keep her music commitments separate from her blossoming movie career.

The Bajan beauty added: "My music and me we are very close. It's very close to the person that I am, and in films, I will never play myself, I will always play someone's character.

"I will always have to translate another person with my body, and that's why it's fun to me. I get to pretend. The world has been filled with my personality so this is just a way for me to have fun and try new things."

rihannaRihanna's debut film role was in Battleship. Copyright [WENN]

Acting isn't something foreign to the feisty female though, she says music videos were always a good vessel to take on another character.

"I play a little bit in my videos with acting here and there," she said. "But [acting is] something I wanted to try, and definitely something that I enjoyed. I'm looking forward to doing more films."

So are we!

rihannaRiRi told us she misses Barbados. Copyright [WENN]

Understandably, being surrounded by hot men on the set of Battleship, namely Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard is no foreign situation to Rihanna who tells us most of her mates are of the male variety (no surprises there)

She revealed: "A lot of my friends are guys, in Barbados, and especially growing up in school. I was in Cadets, which is a very male-dominated little association.

"It's like second nature being around the guys and I like it like that sometimes. There were other girls in the Cadets. My best friend and I we were in cadets together and we just raised hell together."

rihannaThe singer also said she's very close to her music. Copyright [WENN]

All this nostalgic chatter prompted RiRi to chat about her life in Barbados...

"I miss the weather and the culture, my friends and family, the food," she told us. "I mean, if everywhere in the world had the weather we have in Barbados, it would be brilliant. I think everybody would be so happy. The sunshine brings so much happiness."

You're telling us RiRi, we're from Britain!

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