Rihanna costs £500k to turn up late, switch on a few lights and perform one song

Rihanna is fast becoming known as the biggest diva in pop after turning up late for pretty much everything.

Rihanna performing in London last night. Copyright:[wenn]

Rihanna is currently on her 777 tour - seven nights in seven cities - which by nature, is going to involve a fair bit of travel.

However, Rihanna has notoriously bad timekeeping and a penchant for after parties which is pretty much a cocktail for disaster.

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The Bajan superstar has kept private planes waiting which in turn has a knock on effect and has meant Riri has kept fans waiting.

In what will soon be seven different cities.

Rihanna was paid £500k to turn out the lights at Westfield. Copyright: [Splash]

So basically, Rihanna has done a global tour of the fact she really should get a watch.

Also on the tour are 150 'guests' made up of fans, competition winners and some media - who haven't seen a peep of the star apart from when she does eventually turn up on stage.

They are getting sick of waiting around on planes for Rihanna to turn up, one of the guests told The Sun:

"We've spent days waiting for her on the Tarmac to get on planes or waiting in coaches for hours on end. There's more waiting when we arrive in each city too, lugging cases off buses to hotels then straight out again."

Last night, she was also due to switch on the Crimbo lights at Westfield, who were presumably paying her an absolute bomb (appaz £500,000!).

Riri kept 20,000 fans waiting before jumping on stage to sing one measly song.

Half a million quid for ONE song! And she didn't even bother to get out her pyjamas it seems...