Rihanna confirms Chris Brown split, crack open the champers!

At long last Rihanna has come to her blimmin' senses and pretty much confirmed that she is no longer with Chris Brown.

The pair have finally gone their seperate ways. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, we can finally crack open the bubbly!

Rihanna posted a snap on Instagram yesterday with a caption saying how 'being SINGLE sucks'.

OK, so it might not be the great confession that we wanted, but the important thing is Riri reckons she is currently flying solo.

It's believed Rihanna came to her senses after Chris was pictured on tour in Paris with lots of near naked ladies and before that, having dinner with an ex.

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And judging by Rihanna's Twitter feed, the star was not best pleased after taking to her account to post all sorts of cathartic messages...

"Examine what you tolerate", "Goodbye muthaf*****", "You give, you get, then you give it the f*** back" and "Claps for the basic b****** (sic)" were among some of her tweets.

In between posting standardly rude  images of herself, she followed it up yesterday, musing: "Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes."

It has appeared to the world that she had got back with her ex Chris Brown after Rihanna started posting various photos of Chris on Twitter.

Photos like this:

Oh how we did despair... Copyright: [Rihanna]

*raises eyebrow*

Rihanna got back with the controversial singer despite him being charged with assault back in 2009 after punching her in the face.

Long did we despair.