Rihanna and Chris Brown spend New Year’s Eve together in bed, makes a change from partying into the earlier hours

Rihanna and Chris Brown seem to have spent the New Year with each other from the comfort of their bed.

Rihanna posted this photo of herself on New Year's Day. Copyright [Instagram/Rihanna]

The on/off couple may not have confirmed that they are an item again but if their Instagram pictures are anything to go by we think it’s safe to say they are well and truly back on.

Posting a picture of herself in bed while peering from beneath her duvet, Rihanna informed her Instagram followers of her NYE antics.

She wrote: "Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013."

For someone who hadn’t got any shut eye, Rihanna looked remarkably fresh faced.

The wonders of Instagram eh?

Even though Chris didn’t appear in the photo with her, the duvet Rihanna can be seen under shows an uncanny resemblance to the one seen in a picture taken by Brown in the earlier hours of January 1.

Chris previously posted this picture with a suspiciously similar duvet. Copyright [Instagram/Chris Brown]

The photo, captioned ‘Mornings,’ shows the view from Chris Brown’ bed across his flat.

As we said, we’re pretty sure that the duvet in Chris’ picture is the same one Rihanna is under in her New Year photo.

This can only really mean one thing, the two saw the New Year in together and are basically a couple once again.

The couple were spotted looking extremely loved up on Christmas day when they attended a basket ball game together.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna briefly broke up for the second time late last year but reconciled in time for the festive period.

We anticipate a plethora of similar Instagram pictures from the couple in 2013.

Unless of course their New Year’s resolution is to cut down on the amount of personal moments they share on the internet.

Although we very much doubt this will be the case with these two.