Rihanna and Chris Brown get his and her Rolexes, still won’t admit they’re back together

So we're still playing the 'are they, aren't they' game where Chris Brown and Rihanna are concerned and we have to admit, we wish they'd just 'fess up about the state of their relationship.

Chris Brown and Rihanna now have matching RolexesChris Brown and Rihanna now have matching Rolexes. Don't we all. Copyright [Rihanna/Chris Brown]The latest tale in the Rihanna and Chris Brown saga is the pair tweeting photos of their his and her Rolexes. We're taking this as the biggest hint yet that they're back together.

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Not that matching Rolexes are the sign of true love. Not all of us are that fancy. Most of us draw the line at 2-4-1 Starbucks Red Cups.

RihannaRihanna tweeted this photo of her new Rolex. Copyright [Rihanna]However, Rihanna and Chris Brown tweeting photos of their Rolex watches within minutes of each other isn't really the most subtle of messages.

Rihanna tweeted a photo of her wrist with her Rolex sitting pretty, alongside the caption: "Don't believe me just watch #newtoy #justcusimnumber1 #roleylife #dopedealer"

Chris BrownChris Brown then tweeted his Rolex. Copyright [Chris Brown]We're not really cool enough to understand Rihanna's ghetto speak, but we're taking it to mean she treated herself to a Rolex because her album, Unapologetic, is number one.

Chris Brown then posted the photo of his gigantic Rolex on Instagram. However, he's previously tweeted snaps of his collection of Rolex watches which has led some to assume that he bought Rihanna's watch for her.

RihannaRihanna then tweeted a picture of her trainers with a caption about being naked. Copyright [Rihanna]Rihanna furthered the rumours, by tweeting a photo of a pair of trainers alongside the caption: "Gotta wear these naked! Thanks BFF"

To be honest, we're a bit tired of speculating about all their Twitpics of nice possessions. Just hurry up and confirm that you're back together so we can stop this nonsense.