Rihanna and Chris Brown back together after Twitter picture? But what about her 'don't understand love' rant? *head spins*

Rihanna and Chris Brown have our heads in a spin this morning after the singer posted a Twitter picture of them looking VERY MUCH back together.

Rihanna and Chris Brown look back together in this Instagram snap. We can't keep up. Copyright [Instagram/Riha …

Just hours after ranting that she didn't "understand love" during her Diamonds tour, Ri Ri posted an Instagram snap of the on/off (and on and off again) couple cosying up together.

The Bajan star captioned the picture: "This shit look like a toupee", we reckon drawing attention to her hair, which in our books looked pretty perfect as ever.

The world-famous singer, who looks super cool in a pair of retro sunglasses, is shown leaning on rapper Chris, who is laughing.


We simply can't keep up.

The cosy selfie comes just a day after Rihanna told crowds at her Los Angeles that the whole love thing confused her.

She asked: "How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love? How many of you don't f**king understand it? I'm in that group."

Rihanna and Chris were spotted partying separately in Los Angeles over the weekend, following rumours they are having yet another break.

The two got back together last year, despite the fact that Chris is still on probation for beating her in 2009.

A source told Hollywoodlife: 'They've been trying to connect but it hasn't been clicking for them. It ain't like Rihanna got time to just chill and run through - she's on tour and her schedule is way too tight.'