Rihanna: Behind the scenes private photos

Rihanna regularly documents her party lifestyle through photos on Instagram but we rarely get an insight into what happens when the posing stops and she starts doing what she does best: performing on stage.

rihannaRihanna has given us a rare glimpse into her life on the festival tour. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

But now Rihanna has opened up an entirely new side of her for scrutiny by posting a collection of private photos on Facebook. The shots were taken behind-the-scenes at some of the festivals she's appeared at this summer.

rihannaRiRi revealed what really happens before a gig. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]
rihannaRiRi = one beauty. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

The backstage album features personal moments at Peace and Love and Kollen festivals and make us privy to a unique part of the Bajan beauty. We witness the transition from quiet contemplation in the make-up chair to laughing in elation on stage.

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One photo shows the star in a rare somber pose as she is attended to by a make-up artist, preparing to take to the stage, this is followed by another shot where RiRi closes her eyes and sings along to a guitar.

rihannaThis is a face we're familiar with! Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

rihannaCheck our Rihanna's pout - amaze! Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

Before we get too comfortable with seeing a more serious Rihanna, she splays out her fingers and adopts a fierce face and then pouts to the camera reminding us of her playfulness.

The album also takes us into Rihanna's car where she's seen fully made up and smiling to the camera before she kills the journey time with a collection of pout poses including her iconic wide mouthed move.

rihannaAnd there's plenty of attitude in the album too... Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

rihannaOooh check out the hot dancers. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

Rihanna is a generous sort of girl and she's also given us excuse to ogle her hot backing dancers in another two shots taken from the side of the stage — showing off the energy and enthusiasm of her crew.

rihannaAnd there's more hot men here too! Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

rihannaRihanna perfects her sultry pose. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

There are of course the obligatory sexy photos, with RiRi on stage throwing her head back and showcasing her toned thigh — what else would you expect from the Talk That Talk singer?

rihannaRihanna shows off her killer thighs. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

But the most telling photo of all is Rihanna on stage with the microphone poised towards the crowd as she smiles on hearing them sing her lyrics back.

rihannaRihanna looks the happiest here we've ever seen her, bless. Copyright [Facebook/Rihanna]

It's a rare glimpse into the real Rihanna and we like what we see!