Rihanna admits to wanting kids in the future, maybe she should consider cutting down on her ridiculously busy schedule first

Rihanna has revealed that she is open to the idea of having children in her future.

Rihanna has admitted to wanting kids. [Wenn]

Talking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Rihanna was asked if she would ever want to start a family.

She answered: "Yes, eventually, I mean, absolutely."

Rihanna, who is currently single, was then asked if she would ever consider raising a child alone if she hadn't yet found the right man.

Rihanna admitted: "I mean, I would prefer to have a full family. I'm pretty sure I could handle it if I had to on my own, but that's not what I'm striving for."

Well if you do want a family Ri you may want to free up some time from your ridiculously busy schedule.

Today the singer embarked on her quite frankly knackering '777' tour which will see the 'Umbrella' singer play seven gigs in seven countries in seven days.


Rather you than us Ri.

Rihanna admitted in this month's GQ that she once asked for a tattoo on her face. [GQ]

In another interview with this month's GQ magazine, the inked singer admitted that she was once refused a new tattoo after asking for one on her face.

She told the magazine: "The tattoo artist said, 'Nope, I'm not gonna do it. Because if you're looking at your face, it's right there staring at you'."

Thank goodness the tattoo artist had the sense to say no!

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On her status as a sex symbol, Rihanna admitted that it likely stems from American culture.

So nothing to do with the shed load of near naked snaps you've been posting on Twitter then?

She said: "That comes from my culture [sex appeal].

"That's just the way it's always been, and I think that for people, especially in America, they make it like the forbidden fruit, but that only makes kids more curious."