Ricky Rayment says there’s more to Jess Wright romance than seen on TOWIE

The latest series of TOWIE has seen some major relationship dramas - from Gemma and Charlie to Joey and Sam.

Ricky Rayment, TOWIE, Jess WrightRicky Rayment told us all about his romance with Jess Wright. Copyright [WENN]However, the one TOWIE pairing that seems to be going along quite nicely is the romance between Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright.

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So when Yahoo! omg! spoke exclusively to TOWIE's Ricky Rayment, we couldn't wait to find out more about exactly what's going on with Jess Wright.

Ricky told us that he and Jess aren't quite official yet: "We're not together, but we're getting there. So hopefully."

However, Ricky went on to reveal that a lot of their romance hasn't been shown on TOWIE.

TOWIE, Ricky Rayment, Jess WrightRicky Rayment and Jess Wright have flirted a lot on TOWIE but we haven't seen much of their romance on camera. …He said: "The annoying thing is they haven't filmed a lot of us. But we've been going out together off of camera. So everyone doesn't get to see."

We wondered whether Ricky had been cooking for Jess, seeing as he's recently revealed that he considers himself a good chef.

The TOWIE star told us: "I've got a platinum award in cooking! Have I cooked her anything nice? Not yet. I'd rather give her the choice in case I cook her something she doesn't like."

Is it just us or does Ricky sound like a keeper? Hold on to him, Jess!