Review: Olly Murs at the iTunes Festival (the JUICY stuff)

Who: Olly Murs and his jazz band

Where: The Roundhouse, Camden for Day 3 of the iTunes festival

Olly MursOlly Murs at the iTunes Festival last night. Copyright [WENN]Set: Just Olly and his mic and a hell of a lot of lighting! There were two gigantic screens either side of the stage that featured the gig in black and white for people that were watching at home. Although having seen both, we think he looks better in B&W…

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Atmosphere: It was pretty excitable in the Roundhouse as Olly sang his well-known tracks and got the crowd going. It was like a contained festival — one where we didn't get wet!

Most screams for: We were pretty much screaming for the cheeky Essex chappie all night, but especially for his #1 single Dance With Me Tonight — as we wanted him to dance with us, obvs.

Olly MursOlly Murs put on an amazing show at the iTunes Festival. Copyright [WENN]Olly wore: White long-sleeved top with button down front (sadly not any chest hair on show) teamed with a smart black waistcoat, dark jeans and brogues. Oh, and his obligatory trilby. Totes gorge!

Best song: We loved seeing the softer side of Olly when he sang This Song Is About You (which he told us was about his brother) and when he sat down to sing the ballad I Don't Love You Too — which he said was about his grandparents — aww! But we equally loved jumping up and down to Busy (from his debut album) and the feel-good track On My Cloud from his current album.

Most surprising moment: Defs when Olly Murs randomly decided to do 41 press ups on the stage! He said Usher did it at the Roundhouse a couple of nights before and he wanted to beat him. Poor Olly struggled though, bless him. He tweeted this morning: "…can't believe I managed to do 41 press ups. My arms are killing me #whataplonker" — it was good entertainment though! And then he asked us for a massage afterwards.. we swoon

Olly MursOlly Murs made us dance and swoon in equal measures. Copyright [WENN]Hands in the air moment: We loved waving our hands to Olly's debut single Please Don't Let Me Go — it was like walking down memory lane!

Drool moment: We couldn't help but drool at Olly dripping in sweat when he sang This Song Is About You — who wouldn't want to wipe sweat off that forehead?! We also couldn't contain ourselves when he called us 'sexy ladies'. Well, sort of… He changed the lyrics to Dance With Me Tonight from 'pretty' ladies to 'sexy' ladies. He must have seen us, right?

The laughed so hard we wet ourselves moment: When Olly started shaking his bum onstage during his cover of Aloe Blacc's I Need A Dollar. Totes amaze.

Olly MursOlly Murs performed all his hits. Copyright [WENN]The talking to the crowd moment: Olly kept chatting to the crowd throughout the show and had some hilarious one-liners and anecdotes for us. He said he used to have a six pack but 'now it's a fat pack', although we beg to differ. He also burst into spontaneous song, such as Nelly's Hot in Herre (we wish he would take his clothes off!) and Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl. He sung it better than Pete!

Encore: Olly totally skipped the encore, telling us he'd rather not make us boo him for him to come back and sing another song. Instead, he performed the fan favourite Oh My Goodness before going straight into his Rizzle Kicks duet, Heart Skips a Beat. Our heart definitely skipped a beat for you last night, Ol!

omg!'s Favourite Moment: We LOVED Olly's mod medley towards the end! He performed The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go? before going straight into The Jam's Town Called Malice and ending on Super Grass' Alright. SO much fun! Who knew Olly was a closet rocker?

Verdict: He may not have won the X Factor, but he certainly won over the crowd last night. Did we mention we've always been Team Olly?

Reporting by Sophia Moir