Reggie Yates hits out at UK TV producers over the lack of black presenters fronting prime-time shows

Reggie Yates has slammed UK television producers for the lack of black male TV presenters on prime-time shows.

Reggie Yates has slammed the lack of diversity on television. Copyright [Rex]The 29-year-old presenter, who currently co-hosts The Voice with Holly Willoughby, has admitted that he thinks it is ‘scary’ that he is the only black face fronting a large Saturday night programme.

He told The Sun: “There should be more on prime-time telly because it’s a scary number, one.

“It’s not something I ever thought I’d do because there’s never been anyone like me — a young black guy fronting a Saturday night programme.

“The only people I can look at aren’t like me — the Bruce Forsyths, Les Dennises or Michael Barrymores. I don’t want to be that.”

Reggie admitted that he believes there was more of an opportunity for black presenters in the US than there is in the UK.

He continued: “There’s more opportunity in America — and a bigger black audience.

Alesha Dixon previously spoke out about the issue of diverity on TV this year. Copyright [Rex]“But what’s to say there can’t be more modern dramas that feature a broader spectrum?

“It’s not just black people. We live in a multicultural country and it’s ridiculous we’re not doing more to reflect our lives on TV.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon also recently spoke out about the lack diversity on our television screens in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

She told the magazine: "There still aren’t many black women on prime-time TV… Times are changing, but it’s interesting we’re in 2013 and still experiencing firsts.

"Hopefully, in the next 100 years, things will balance even more. Britain is an amazing multicultural place to live in, and that should be celebrated and represented."

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