Reason #635 we wish One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was our boyfriend

Louis Tomlinson has always seemed like a model boyfriend, but today he's outdone himself.

Louis Tomlinson with girlfriend Eleanor CalderLouis Tomlinson with girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Copyright [Eleanor Calder]Today is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, Eleanor Calder's, birthday. And the One Direction hottie not only made a public declaration of his love for her, but also treated her to a spectacular cake.

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Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday this morning.

The One Direction singer tweeted: "A very happy birthday to my lovely girlfriend @eleanorjcalder. Love you lots and lots #happybirthdayeleanor."

Louis Tomlinson had this cake made for Eleanor CalderLouis Tomlinson had this cake made for Eleanor Calder. Copyright [Louis Tomlinson]Eleanor replied sweetly: ":) :) love you too xxx"

However, Louis' birthday treats didn't end there. Shortly after his happy birthday tweet, he unveiled a cake he'd had made for Eleanor's birthday.

Louis tweeted a photo of the cake alongside the caption: "This is actually the most amazing cake I have ever seen!! Highly recommend , Thank you soooo much !"

One Direction's Louis TomlinsonEleanor Calder gets to kiss this. Well jel. Copyright [WENN]The cake is perhaps the cutest present Louis could have got Eleanor. Far from the usual Victoria Sponge, this cake is moulded in the shape of a princess castle, with two figurines at the front to represent the happy couple.

At the bottom, written in icing, are the words: "Happy Birthday Eleanor. Lots of love Louis :) x"

Seriously Eleanor, you are one lucky girl...