Pudsey’s BFF Ashleigh wants to train Kate Middleton’s dog Lupo, BGT could get very royal next year

Ashleigh has been so successful with her dog Pudsey that she's set her sights on a royal project.

Ashleigh, Pudsey, BGTAshleigh and Pudsey have got their sights set on Kate Middleton and Lupo. Copyright [Sam Jones/LOOK]

As winners of Britain's Got Talent, Ashleigh and Pudsey have got the Royal Variety Show on their minds, and the human part of the partnership has told Look she plans to get in with royalty.

Ashleigh hasn't got her outfit sorted for the December show, but she does know what she'll say to the Queen: "I've not started planning what to say to her but I think I'll have to put my posh voice on!"

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The BGT winner has got Kate Middleton and her cocker spaniel Lupo in her sights.

Pudsey's owner Ashleigh said: "I'd gladly pop to the palace to give Kate and Wills' dog a bit of training. When I meet the Queen, I'll be like: 'Here's my card, call me!'"

Ashleigh, Pudsey, Audrey HepburnAshleigh and Pudsey recreated Audrey Hepburn's pose. Copyright [Sam Jones/LOOK]

We would love to see Kate Middleton pop up on stage with Lupo next year on Britain's Got Talent complete with Flintstones outfit *giggles*

As well as getting in with the Duchess of Cambridge, the big dream for Ashleigh is to open a business training animals for films.

She revealed: "I went to LA a couple of years ago with my nan and I can see us there. Pudsey's got his pet passport because he's represented Britain in competitions in the Czech Republic and Austria."

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Ashleigh Butler also dished about her new famous fans, saying: "I heard that Justin Bieber showed 50 Cent a video of us on YouTube and I screamed".

We can imagine there'll be plenty more omg! moments like that coming up for Ashleigh and Pudsey.

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