Professor Green’s Twitter rant #582, this time about record label

Professor Green is no stranger to a good old Twitter rant, but we reckon today's could be his best yet.

Professor GreenProfessor Green has had a huge rant about his record label on Twitter. Copyright [WENN]

Professor Green took to Twitter to slam members of his record label for not doing their jobs properly - something which has clearly angered him quite a lot.

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Pro Green began with a good old cryptic tweet about the situation: "Why would your own record label hinder you? Answers on a postcard."

He then began to elaborate: "I just can't help but question why some people have jobs. All I do is work, so I get extremely p****d off when people don't do theirs."

Professor Green then made it clear exactly what was bothering him, saying: "Dignified silence is pointless. A rushed second single, the Remedy video a month late and now similar problems with the Avalon video unfold."

Professor GreenProfessor Green slammed members of his record label for not doing their job. Copyright [WENN]Oh dear. But he didn't stop there. He then really got down to business, reeling off percentages and all sorts.

"How would you feel if a company taking 25% of your earnings weren't doing their jobs properly?" he asked.

"Would you pay someone not doing their job? A live gig = 10% to agent, costs and expenses, 20% management commission then 25% to a label who hardly even come to gigs let alone help."

Professor Green and Millie MackintoshProfessor Green looking less angry with Millie Mackintosh. Copyright [WENN]No, we probably wouldn't want to pay someone if they didn't do their job, it's a fair point.

But Professor Green's angry tweeting fingers continued: "A lot of artists feel the same but we all just bend over... F*** that."

He concluded: "Just to reiterate something for the stupid, my problem isn't that they take that money, it's that there are people not working for it. There are a lot of people who are amazing at their jobs @ EMI and even more frustrating is the s*** they have to endure for having an artists best interests at heart."