Professor Green says Made in Chelsea’s ‘set up,’ won’t be appearing on it again

Professor Green can always be counted on to give an honest opinion and he hasn't exactly held back on his opinions about Made in Chelsea.

Professor Green, Millie Mackintosh, Made in ChelseaProfessor Green has hit out about Made in Chelsea. Copyright [WENN]Despite dating Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh, and making a cameo appearance in the latest series, Professor Green has slammed the show.

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Professor Green said: "I actually find it quite weird but there are people whose job it is to manipulate other people's lives for the sake of a TV programme.

"They set up those situations. I am not going on it."

Made in Chelsea, Professor Green, Millie MackintoshProfessor Green has made a cameo appearance on Made in Chelsea, but doesn't look likely to return. Copyright [ …Pro Green made a tiny appearance at the beginning of the latest series of Made in Chelsea, as he dropped Millie Mackintosh off at a party.

Millie also referenced her beau in another episode, saying: "I am seeing someone. He's called Stephen. Its so early, I don't want to ruin it."

She continued: "He's so witty and clever, he'd have them [the Made On Chelsea boys] on the floor with his words. They'll be dead."

Made in Chelsea, Millie Mackintosh and Professor GreenMillie Mackintosh and Professor Green have been inseparable lately. Copyright [WENN]Despite refusing to appear on the show, Professor Green has been hanging out with Millie Mackintosh's Made in Chelsea pals.

Just last week, Jamie Laing revealed he was now mates with Pro Green. He said: "He's my boi! Pro Green is part of the crew now, we even rap battle [laughs] We've hung out a few times without Millie."

Naw, we want to see Jamie and Professor Green hanging out on the show, too. Humph.