Professor Green has his own say on ‘sl*tbag’ Kristen Stewart

Professor Green has waded in on the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cheating scandal, branding Kristen a 'sl*tbag'.

Needs to take a Twitter siesta we think. Copyright: [wenn]

Pro Green didn't mince words when he gave his verdict on the scandal that has shocked, well pretty much everyone.

In case you live under a rock, Kristen admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders.

Pro Green says: "Being a cheating sl*tbag aside i actually feel sorry for Kirsten Stewart, she may as well have cheated on justin bieber. #careersuicide"

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Staying true to our name : OMG!

As if he hasn't said enough on twitter after yesterdays rant about bulimia.

We thing someone needs to tie Pro Green's finger up and fast before he gets himself into any more trouble!

We would have thought having Millie Mackintosh for a girlfriend would have been distraction enough.

However, Pro Green just can't get enough of Twitter and has a severe case of tweet vomit.

Honestly, and we thought we were obsessed.

Shopping in between tweeting? Copyright: [wenn]

Despite being on holiday with his gorgeous lady friend, he still tweeted throughout the trip and even found himself arguing with half his followers and the world after he made this misjudged tweet:

"bulimia is quite an intelligent eating disorder… it'd be easier just to chew food and spit it out but still, you get to eat whatever you want and stay skinny. #winning"

Even one day later it's still so not funny.

However, Millie doesn't seem to share her boyfriend's enthusiasm for tweeting, simply writing: "Home again and this time for a while".

We just hope they had a brill time and he didn't spend the whole trip buried in his iPhone.