Professor Green gives up Twitter for lent, we’re not convinced he’ll be able to do this

Professor Green has announced that he will be taking a break from Twitter for the next 40 days and 40 nights.

Prof Green has QUIT twitter for lent. Copyright [Professor Green/Instagram]

That’s right, Pro Green- celebrity tweeter du jour- has given up his favourite past time for Lent.

Given the amount of times a day this man tweets we’re not sure how he’ll cope with going cold turkey from the social networking site.

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The 29-year-old rapper started off his Twitter fast on a rather bad note, namely because he didn’t realise today was the start of lent.

After tweeting several messages on the site, the penny finally dropped for Mr Green, where he eventually signed off for the next six weeks.

He tweeted: “lent begins today? what a sick excuse to give up twitter. laters. (sic)”

Hmm, this seems all a bit half hearted to us.

Pro has been embroiled in many a Twitter war, including with Amy Childs. Copyright [Wenn]

Professor Green has been notorious for his no holds barred approach to using Twitter since joining, getting into various public spats with many a famous face.

He famously called girlfriend Millie Mackintosh’s Made in Chelsea co-star Victoria Baker-Harber a ‘horse’ and fell out with TOWIE star Amy Childs last year.

Aside from his celebrity feuds, Pro Green pretty much uses Twitter ALL THE TIME to update his followers on anything he is getting up to.

One thing is for sure, without Twitter to occupy him; Professor Green will certainly have a lot more free time on his hands.


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