Professor Green defends Cher Lloyd over ‘disgusting’ bottling incident

Professor Green doesn't always talk sense on Twitter, but we definitely agree with what he had to say about the Cher Lloyd incident.

Pro Green defended Cher Lloyd. Copyright: [rex]

Over the weekend Cher was forced to leave the stage after a bottle full of wee was thrown at her.

Like we need to say, but just who deserves that?

Pro Green took to Twitter to brand whoever threw the bottle: 'disgusting'

"Someone needs to have a word with themselves... how f**king disgusting can people be? Chin up @cherlloyd.

He continued: "It's easier to walk away from a stage if you don't like an artist than it is to fill a bottle with piss and launch it, surely?"

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"I got hit with a pound coin once. I suspect it cost the person who threw it more than it did me."

However, he added that a bit of booing will never take away from what he has achieved.

"I'd take the hate and the success over being unsuccessful and as stuck as I was before any day of the week."

We agree — Cher is hugely successful and shouldn't let a few horrible people affect her, not that we think she will.

Just who goes to a festival like V and chucks a bottle full of disgustingness which they know for certain will drench another festival goer?

The logic defies us.

Example also tweeted support. Copyright: [rex]

Someone else who was equally revolted by the incident was Example who tweeted that even though he is no Cher Lloyd fan, it was still wrong.

"Whilst i'm not a fan of Cher Lloyd I don't think anyone deserves bottles of piss thrown at them. Stick to plain old booing in future people."

We say stick to nothing, if you don't like an artist go to another stage. End of.