Prince Harry naked photos aside, here’s a (semi) nude Tom Daley

Here's some fit Tom Daley photos that you can use to distract everyone rabbiting on about naked Prince Harry.

Phwoar. Copyright: [heat]

From one nudey man story to another, eh?

It's days like this we really do love our jobs.

Yep, Tom Daley has got his buff bod out and posed in a topless photo shoot for this week's heat magazine.

In the shoot, he dresses up as Clark Kent and after seeing these snaps, he's welcome to come to our fancy dress party WHENEVER he likes!

Good news for us - Tom Daley likes taking his clothes off! Copyright: [rex]

In the interview Tom talked about his plans to teach Cheryl Cole to dive.

He says: "We're trying to organise a dive which would be pretty cool. I think it's just trying to sort out a time and a place. I saw her dive when she performed on The Voice, it was good actually. It was pretty good."

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So is Cheryl ready to take to the water then? Er, not quite.

" If she had done it into water it would have hurt her because she would have landed flat on her stomach but, you know, we could work on that."

BELLY FLOP! Copyright: [BBC]

However when he was asked what he would choose between his Olympic medal and a kiss from Cheryl, Tom replied that he wouldn't give up his bronze for anything!

"Oh god…Definitely the medal. I'm sorry, it has to be the medal. I've worked for ten years for that to try and get an Olympic medal but Cheryl Cole has only been on my mind the last two or three so…"

Nice logic there, Tom!

Seeing as he spends most of his life in tiny waterproof pants, Tom is not shy when it comes to stripping off.

He recently sat through a whole interview with Jonathan Ross in little more than a bow tie.

Like we need to say, we are not complaining.

Read the full feature in this week's heat out now!