Prince Harry makes his first public appearance since naked photo scandal

Prince Harry has made his first public appearance today since naked pictures of the royal were leaked to the press when holidaying in Las Vegas last month.

Fully clothed in a navy blue suit, Harry looked to be in good spirits as he attended the WellChild Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, London.

Harry made his first public appearance since the naked pictures scandal last month. [Copyright Wenn]

Harry has been a patron of the charity since 1997 and was attending to present an award.

A source close to Harry told The Mail that the royal had been nervous about appearing in public following the media storm the naked pictures had caused.

A fully clothed Harry arriving at the ceremony. [Copyright Wenn]

Still, it turns out that it wasn't the press Harry should have been worried about.

Six-year-old Alex Logan, who Harry was due to be presenting an award to, told ITV news that he wouldn't be holding back about the Prince's recent antics.

When asked by the reporter what he was planning on saying to Harry as he collected his award, cheeky Alex replied: "I'm glad you've kept your clothes on Prince Harry!"

Now we would love to see Harry's face when Alex tells him that!

Harry seemed to be in good spirits. [Copyright Wenn]

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Another source close to Harry told the MailOnline today that Harry didn't want the pictures scandal to overshadow the event.

They said:  "Prince Harry is keen that what has happened does not overshadow what is going on today."

"He knows and understands there will be a lot of press interest because of recent events but just wants to focus on the children. That's why he is there."

Unfortunately for Harry, the event took place less than 24 hours after photos of Carrie Reichert, the girl he allegedly had a 'drunken fumble' with while holidaying in Las Vegas, emerged online.