Pregnant Rochelle Humes spends £23,000 on furniture, *jaw drop*

We've had a few spectacular shopping sprees in our time, but Rochelle Humes has taken things to a whole new level.

Rochelle Humes has blown A LOT of money on furniture. Copyright [WENN]In the latest episode of Chasing The Saturdays, Rochelle Humes is seen spending £23,000 on furniture.

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£23,000?! Excuse us whilst we just pick our jaws up off the floor.

Rochelle Humes spent the money after she found out that she and hubby Marvin Humes had got their dream home back in the UK.

Rochelle Humes had to tell Marvin what she'd done over Skype. Copyright [E!]Within minutes of Marvin telling her the good news, Rochelle hit the shops with bandmate Una.

Una told her to be careful about buying anything because of the shipping costs. She's a sensible one, Una.

However, Rochelle decided to ignore her bandmate and returned to the shop the following day, blowing £23,000 on a bed, a sofa, some chairs and a couple of lamps.

Una Healy was visibly shocked at Rochelle's expenditure. Copyright [E!]After returning from the shop, Rochelle told a horrified Una what she'd done. Una promptly told her she had to explain to Marvin immediately and cancel the order.

We think we could do with an Una in our lives.

The girls are now back in the UK following a hectic promotional stint in America as their reality show launched over there.

We reckon Rochelle's probably pretty happy to be back in her beautifully decorated home with Marvin!